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Does my car need a Tune-Up?
If your car just isn't running right, maybe less powerful than usual or idling a little rough, even having some trouble starting... you might need a tune-up, yet another service provided by Quick Align in New Braunfels.

Some other signs that your car may need a tune-up are:

1. You're experiencing a decrease in gas mileage.
2. The car stalls when coming to a stop.
3. Check engine light is on.
4. Your car has a little knock.
5. The car keeps running after being turned off..

What Do Tune-Ups Entail?

• Replacing the fuel filter or cleaning dirty fuel injectors.

• Changing the spark plugs and possibly the spark plug wires if needed.

• Distributor cap replacement is a possibility as well (for some models).

• Checking and replacing any worn or damaged belts.

• Checking and replenishing the vehicle's fluids.

• Replacing the air filter if needed.

• Clean battery terminals and fill if needed.

• PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) valve replacement if needed.

Call Quick Align today to get your car a professional tune-up in New Braunfels, Texas.  You might be amazed at the difference in how your car runs afterward. Our certified technicians will assess your car's needs and inform you of which elements are needed to get it running at peak performance once again..