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Shocks and Suspension
When your car has a smooth ride, every trip is made more enjoyable. If riding in your vehicle feels more like taking a spin on a four-wheeler, your suspension system is likely the culprit. Without a properly functioning suspension system you will feel every (?word omitted?) bump in the road.

The components of your automobile's suspension are things like shock absorbers, springs, struts and linkages for connecting the frame of the car to the wheels. Two of its main functions are:

1. Maintaining contact with the road to provide better traction.

2. Providing a smooth ride to passengers by isolating them from the bumps, noise and vibrations of the road.

Generally speaking properly functioning springs affect most of the performance of your suspension system, compressing when necessary to keep the car at an even position. What bumps and jolts the springs don't get... the shock absorbers usually take care of.

Suspension Problems Make More Problems

If your vehicle's suspension system is starting to have problems, you'll need to get it taken care of right away.  Lingering suspension problems can create issues within the steering system.  

Driving an automobile with worn out shocks and struts can be dangerous as well. Worn struts can cause your vehicle to take longer to stop when braking. Don't let your suspension problems make more problems for you.

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