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Brake Repair New Braunfels

Below you'll find a list of some warning signs that your car needs new brakes. Quick Align technicians are brake job specialists. If your car is displaying any of the signs listed below, we recommend you give us a call right away. With brakes like other parts of your vehicle...the longer you wait the worse the problem gets, the more expensive the repair.

Are your brakes...

Squealing or Grinding?

Brakes should operate with a minimal amount of noise. Some noise is expected under normal braking conditions. Consistent or excessive squealing, screeching, grinding, chattering or banging means your brakes need attention.

Pulling to one side or the other?

If your car pulls toward one side when the brakes are applied, it can be caused by air in the lines, grit in the pads, maladjusted brakes, or brake parts that are in need of repair.

Displaying a Warning Light?

A red brake light may indicate that the emergency brake is applied or a hydraulic problem has been sensed by the cars brake sensor. This could be a serious problem. We recommend the car be checked right away and not driven until repaired. A yellow ABS light indicates that there is a problem with the antilock braking system of your car and the ABS is inoperative. The ABS is a safety system that ensures that your car will not skid in a panic stop which may lead to a loss of control. Almost all cars and trucks today have an ABS. 


Touchy brakes that grab with light pressure may indicate a problem as simple as grease or oil contaminated linings, or as serious as a loose or broken component that could fail during an emergency stop.


Sticking brakes, excessively hot wheels or an engine which seems to have lost power characterizes drag.  The cause of brake drag is typically a hydraulic component problem. The condition can reverse itself, leaving you with no brakes. Seek attention immediately.

Hard Brake Pedal?

Does it take a heavy foot on the brake pedal to make the car stop? This can be an indication of trouble with the power brake booster, restricted hydraulic lines, or damaged brake linings.

Brake Pedal Too Far on Floor?

A brake pedal that nearly touches the floorboard before the brakes start functioning may be a serious condition or could be corrected with a simple adjustment.


Excessive vehicle vibration when driving could be caused by one or more different problems. The brake system is the likely culprit if the shaking happens only when you are applying the brakes. Other factors such as alignment and wheel balancing can also affect the ride of the car. At Quick Align we have the ability to address any of these needs.

If you are experiencing any of these problems, contact Quick Align right away to get your car's brakes inspected. If you're not sure about your specific symptoms... try our "Ask the Tech" form above.