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Importance of Wheel Alignment
What would happen if you tried to run a marathon with two different shoes? Chances are your performance would be less than great. The same concept can be applied to your car's driving potential if its alignment isn't correctly positioned. When your car's alignment is not proportioned correctly, there are a couple of problems as a result:

1. Driving your car becomes more expensive and
2. Driving your car becomes more dangerous.

Driving your car, truck or SUV without the proper alignment can be expensive. Not only does the incorrect alignment decrease gas mileage and tire life, it also adds stress to other parts of your car, including steering equipment and overall structural damage. Normally, your vehicle's wheels should be perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other. Adjusting the angles of the wheels this way is how the Certified Technicians at Quick Align ensure your vehicle is properly aligned.

Driving in a vehicle without proper alignment can also be dangerous. A car that is out of alignment can pull or drift away from a straight road, resulting in a possibly life threatening circumstances.

Excessive tire wear is another symtom of improper wheel alignment, which can lead to blow outs and limited traction.  This results in potentially disastrous consequences. That's why it is imperative you let our alignment experts make sure your vehicle is driving smoothly and safely.

How does this happen?
Your car's alignment can be impacted by several factors. One obvious indicator that you will need our computerized alignment service is a major or minor accident that results in physical damage to your vehicle's frame. Problems with steering or the presence of uneven tire wear patterns  are also clear signs that demand immediate attention. But alignment problems don't only occur by collisions and accidents; problems can arise by something as small as driving over a pothole, or grazing over a curb. The following descriptions are symptomatic alignment variations you should look for in order to determine if you require our computerized alignment services.

If your vehicle has been displaying any of these symptoms or has been through one of these scenarios...  Contact us right away to keep your vehicle safe.